It’s been several years since I have contributed to this blog. I started it during a period when I was writing lots of short stories and submitting them to publication through resources found on Duotrope. Like many people, I am an aspiring writer. I love creating stories, crafting characters, and building worlds. And while I feel vulnerable by saying so, I love to be read. I feel that my fiction shares certain aspects of my personality that may never be revealed otherwise. In fiction, I can reveal thoughts and philosophies that are more difficult to squeeze into daily conversation. I can delve into my fears and insecurities, tapping into my deepest, darkest thoughts, all while filtering them through a medium that is, for the most part, make-believe.

When I began this blog, I wanted it to be a forum from which I could share my fiction. I planned on discussing writing from time to time, but ultimately I wanted to create a tool to share and promote my work. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with it, and after gathering a very modest group of readers, I fell off the grid. I still wrote, but I began focusing on longer works. Since I last contributed to this blog, I have completed many more short stories and finished drafting my first two novels. I’ve submitted one of those novels to a handful of promising agents, with the hope that one of them appreciates what I have done.

While I would like to keep this blog loosely wrapped around writing and fiction, I will also use it to discuss ideas and creative works of all kinds. If I feel so compelled, I may write a review for a movie, a book, or a video game. I may discuss my own techniques in writing, or I may discuss why I enjoy the works of others, and why I think they are successful writers.

Most importantly, I want to create a forum that reaches out to other writers and readers. I want to contribute to your work, read your blog, and become part of a community. If you have a short story you want to share, let me know. I’ll read it. If you want a critique, I can help you with that too.

Consider this the relaunch of a long-defunct blog that may have been a bit misguided from the start. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you, and I hope we can help each other become better writers.

Thanks for reading.